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Eating From the Heart

Welcome! Liz & I are grateful to have you here. After years as friends and colleagues, we are excited to take on this new adventure and launch our mutual practice, From the Heart Nutrition.

So what does “From the Heart Nutrition” really mean? The basis of our work is compassionate nutrition or “eating from the heart”. We provide a research informed practice with the founding principle that each one of us is perfectly designed to take care of our needs.

So many of us spend years disconnecting from our needs. Ignoring our hunger. Denying our food desires. Following rules. Punishing our bodies. Eating from the heart is the practice of reconnecting with our needs, honoring our bodies, and tapping into & strengthening our intuition.

As registered dietitians, we are here to empower you as the expert on you. Help you to use nutrition as an act of self-care, not punishment. And to support you as you eat with care, compassion, and From the Heart.

From the Heart,